Bob Adam

Hello, I’m Bob Adam – the artist who created Jessy Jesus and the musical satire ” Gay Gay KKK.”  I’m making fun of difficult and controversial material and some people may misinterpret my artwork as racist, homophobic and anti-Christian.

 My intention is just the opposite. My imagery and music satirizes what’s wrong with our culture – to help us expose bigotry and religious hypocrisy.  Maybe satire can help us examine our attitudes, change people’s minds and bring us closer to a God who has a sense of humor. 

My background is psychotherapy – I had a clinical practice for 25 years. What I learned being a psychotherapist is that people change when they feel safe to re-frame and reimagine ideas and feelings. I found that paradox and humor are powerful tools to help us reexamine how we think and feel. I’ve helped many people discover how to take a deep and spiritual look at themselves and change for the better.   

Jessy Jesus and Gay Gay KKK is my attempt to start a therapeutic dialogue about the poison in our culture that somehow equates God with bigotry and nationalism.  

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